Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back To School

The much feared/anticipated event of the college student's life is either already here, or not too far away. Colleges all over the world are gearing up for the first semester (for most folks) of the 2010 year. I hope that everyone's ready for and at least somewhat excited about their new courses. As you approach first day, try to catch up on some of the sleep debt you may have accumulated throughout the summer. That way, you'll be as fresh as possible for your first couple of classes (it probably won't last long). If you want to play the odds in terms of getting high grades, sit in the very first row of the class. Research has shown that students sitting in even the second row of the classroom get lower grades than those in the first. Hopefully you're done with or working on all your textbook purchases, and hopefully those purchases aren't coming predominantly from the college bookstore (unless of course, your school is one of the few that doesn't rip students off). If you're dorming, I trust that you've kept in touch with your roommate and split the expenses of dorm supplies. Hopefully your roommate isn't one who purchases himself an individual TV for his/her eyes only (not unheard of). It will probably take a while to snap back into that scholarly spirit after a lazy summer, so give yourself adequate time to adjust to the new lifestyle. Remember to make some connections within your classes, both for friendship and for practicality's sake. Having a few phone numbers in every class will definitely come in handy at some point throughout the semester. Most of all, try to have yourself a good time this year. Love what you do, and you'll always do what you love. Best of luck this academic year. (P.S: There has been a new addition to The Academik lately, specifically a college database with useful links to all kinds of information about many universities. We don't have too many entries added yet, as it's still in the works, but we're excited to provide this new service and plan on expanding it extensively.)

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